Born-Digital Brilliance

New Media Install at the Biennale di Venezia 2011

Ongoing interest in New Media preservation led me to this white paper on born digital collection development courtesy of the AIMS:

Somewhat of a yawn, but punctuated with some worthwhile ideas about media preservation, probably citable in my future papers.

in [new] Media ResStill, my post-modern attention span is drawn to more punchy and attractive webpublications, and I find myself turning to the blogosphere for realtime updates on preservation. In the wake of Occupy Wall Street and mobile documentation of political happenings around New York, a few new media  projects seemed to focus on “documentation” of these just “born” happenings.

The following Rhizome editorial and Cowbird Saga projects were poised to capture this visually and textually, culling from a crowdsourcing community of contributors rather than one particular collection curator. Yet both Rhizome and Cowbird could be termed digital libraries; their structure as blogs suggests rudimentary tagging, cataloguing through folksonomic classification terms, gentle coordination by a club of administrators who approve and oversee production. These data librarians curate their online collections; an active campaign for the new media libraries of the 21st century.

For the Rhizome editorial on OWS art, see:

For a link to the Cowbird Occupy Saga, see:

All images mine (which explains the fuzzy quality and the self indulgent personal shot above), from the 2011 Biennale di Venezia.

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